Affiliate Program

Refer our brand and earn money through participating in SLM.Games’ Affiliate Program!

You will receive an affiliate commission for every user that registers and plays on SLM.Games through your links.

Being a SLM.Games affiliate means you will earn commission for all bets placed on our games, which unlike traditional affiliate programs,

means that despite if they win or lose, you still make the same commission!

Retention Program

At SLM.Games, first priority has always been and will always be player satisfaction. This is the core of our long term strategy for our users, interacting with the platform as players and as affiliates. We strive to achieve player satisfaction through unique programs and campaigns that reward our players.

These programs provide additional funds and incentives to our players which not only provides for a better gambling experience but also contributes to increasing your overall affiliate commission earnings.

These programs include:

  • Rakeback

  • Commission

  • Task bonus

  • Event bonus

With this unique approach, your commission is based off of the house edge after these costs have been realised.

If you would like a detailed breakdown on how these costs are calculated, feel free to contact support to be put in touch with an affiliate manager.


Rakeback Bonus = (Edge as decimal * wagered) * rakeback rate


All of our games have a different house edge. You can derive your commission using the following formula:

Commission Bonus = (Edge as decimal * wagered) * commission rate

Preferential Terms

If you are an affiliate under special circumstance or with outstanding reach, contact our excellent support team. Upon speaking to your affiliate manager, we may be able to negotiate a customized program. This could include higher commission.

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