Integrate Your Own Casino

We provide you with a simple embedded web page that allows you to open your own casino in minutes with simple setup.

You can just use <iframe> to embed our gaming page to your own website

Embed URL formate:${Game}?u=${UserID}&tokens=${Tokens}&chains=${Chains}&p=${UserID}

Usable sample:,BNB,BUSD,SOL,EOS&chains=BSC,Ethereum,Solana,EOS&p=1


        <title>Dice of</title>
         body {
             background-color: #303038;
             height: 100vh;
         .main {
             width: 100%;
             height: 100%;
             border: none;
        <iframe class="main" src=",BNB,BUSD,EOS,SOL,ETH&chains=Solana,BSC,EOS&p=01"/>

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