SLM is the internal play and earn token for the SLM.Games app. It has an unlimited supply and is earned by playing games in the app.

When users consume SLM or upgrade their NFTs in the app, the tokens are burned. This means that the overall supply of SLM will decrease over time, potentially increasing its value for users who hold onto their tokens.

Token Definition

Symbol: SLM

Total supply: unlimited

Token Distribution

SLM token is issued on all the chains with a unlimited supply

There is NO pre-mine distribution, NO pre-sale, NO ICO of SLM token

Team hold ZERO SLM token, all users start on the same line.

Token Issuance Mechanism

SLM token is only issued to users who is playing SLM.Games.

Basic release is 0.1 SLM per USD wagered.

As your Miner NFT+ level increases, it can be increased to 1 SLM per USD wagered.

Token Burning Mechanism

SLM token can be used to upgrade your NFT+

SLM also can be used to open Luckybox to get reward on SLM.Games website

All used tokens will be burnt

In the future, other mechanics will be used to burn SLM tokens

SLM.Games does not sell SLM directly to players, users mine tokens themselves, use them in the website, and can sell/exchange them on open marketplaces.

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