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Alpha Stage

  • Cross Chains Support
  • Dice Game Support
  • LuckyBox Support
  • Basic SLM tokenomics
  • NFT+ mechanics
  • Affiliate Program
  • Partner Program Based on NFT+
  • Weekly Race
  • Provide integrated to partners
  • Provide Gaming API library
  • Optimize various properties based on progress

🛠️ Beta Stage

Beta Stage is the stage we are currently in
  • Crash Game Support
  • Limbo Game Support
  • Baccarat Game Support
  • Blackjack Game Support
  • Slots Game Support
  • Lottery Game Support
  • More stickers NFT
  • Crypto Exchange
  • More NFT+ crafting recipes
  • More Blockchains
  • Custom partner's home page
  • Build more business partnerships
  • XSLM tokenomics
  • Start accumulating dividend pool

Gamma Stage

  • XSLM Earning Mechanics
  • NFT+ Trading on third-party market
  • Integrate more popular Third-party game platforms
You are welcome to contact us or share your options with community, we will provide generous rewards once they are adopted.