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We also collaborate with community partners to facilitate the listing of their Tokens. By providing a bankroll, you retain complete freedom to withdraw your tokens from SLM.Games whenever you wish. Our focus at SLM.Games is purely on marketing partnerships; we do not retain any of your tokens.

Upon delisting, we ensure the return of the original bankroll to you. This process, akin to burning or recycling your tokens, has the potential to enhance their value.

We welcome the opportunity for cooperation and invite you to get in touch with us!

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At SLM.Games, we currently only support depositing funds through contract interaction on our website.

This means that you can easily and securely add funds to your account without any extra fees or complications.

Simply visit the website, follow the instructions, and you'll be able to start playing and earning rewards on our platform.


At SLM.Games, we make it easy for you to withdraw your earnings.

You can do this directly through the website, and there are no minimum requirements or extra fees.

In most cases, our system will automatically process your withdrawal request. However, if your request triggers certain security alerts, it will require manual review by our financial team during office hours. Once your request is approved, you can claim your tokens from the wallet page on the website.

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