Partner Program

Currently supported Game NFT+ by SLM.Games:

  • Dice

  • Crash

  • Limbo

  • Blackjack

  • Baccarat

  • Plinko

  • Mines

You can get NFT+ through the built-in trading market, opening Luckybox, and completing specific community tasks.

SLM.Games will provide a customized promotion page for your Partner NFT+ collection.

You can use this page promote to invite other users to play the game.

All the profit generated will be directly recharged to your balance. You can withdraw at any time without any restriction.

SLM.Games will take part of the house edge as platform fee

HE Rakeback Bonus = Wagered * House Edge * HE Rakeback Rate
SLM.Games Fee = Wagered * House Edge - HE Rakeback Bonus

Partner NFT+ House Edge Rakeback

House Edge Rakeback, as your Partner NFT+ level increases, the return value will increase, that will help you to get more profits.

Preferential Terms

If you are a partner under special circumstance or with outstanding reach, contact our excellent support team. Upon speaking to your affiliate manager, we may be able to negotiate a customized program. This could include higher commission.

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